why should student choose IIM A PGPX program

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Students with over 6 to 7 years of experience should definitely explore PGPX program @ IIM A since its reputation is one of the best in the world. The program format is such that a student graduates in one year. The program offers a wholesome experience, vast alumni network and curriculum which is world class.

why should student choose IIMA PGPX program

some of the elective courses include

[4] Introduction to Design thinking (IDT)
[5] Advanced Course in Managing and Creating Creativity (ACMCC)
[6] Elephants and Cheetahs: Systems, Strategy and Bottlenecks (E&C)
[7] Ethics in Business Management (EBM)
[8] Private Equity Finance (PEF)
[9] Fixed Income Markets (FIM)
[10] Globalising and Resurgent India through Innovative Transformation (GRIT)
[11] Infrastructure Development & Public Private Partnerships (IDPPP)
[12] Logistics Management (LM)
[13] Management of New and Small Firms (MNSF)
[14] Managing and Creating Creativity (MCC)

MBAdream student Saksham Choudhary who was working with HPCL is currently studying in this program.

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