Schulich MBA Alum interview

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Email interview responses by Anuranjan Singh alum of Schulich Full Time MBA

How has your overall experience been studying at Schulich MBA?

A true international MBA is how I would put it; with students from more countries than you can count on your fingers, the diversity of experiences, skills, perspectives make the classroom engaging and fun.

The quality of professors is top-notch(mostly). I did not go for a specialization, but I enjoyed courses focused on Strategy. 
2. Please share your experience with Schulich alumni and networking in general?

The alumni network is huge and supportive. The school does make sure to keep tapping into this invaluable resource as students get the opportunity to have an alumni mentor.

Networking – many of us don’t like it but it does make a difference. In my experience, it’s easy to reach out to people and they do respond. Start early and look for meaning genuine connections; it’s a symbiotic relationship, so treat it that way
3. What advice would you give to prospective students applying to Schulich?It’s cliched and depends on the application form but make sure to highlight why you chose MBA over other courses, what are your career goals, how does Schulich fit in your story, how would Schulich benefit from selecting you
4. Any advice for international students?

Connect with students and learn about specifics that matter to you – courses, class composition, professors, career options, etc.

If possible, get your PR or at least apply before starting your MBA; it will save you loads of money. 

An MBA class can be super competitive but if you engage positively and respect other’s opinions, it can be the best class you can ever be in. 

Plan for study as well your career post MBA; start networking early and practice a lot if you feel uncomfortable doing itMost importantly, enjoy the experience. It’s okay to not be focused on studies at all times.

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