Northwester Artifical Intelligence program

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Interview with Srikanth Gorthy

incoming student of the program

What are the 3 key factors that drove you to Northwestern AI program ?  . Advanced coursework covering basics from computer sciences to hardcore AI architectures  . University brand for being at the forefront in many industries, especially, AI and ML work they do  . Had the most captivating and enjoyable application process which felt like it looked at me whole rather than just GPAs or Experience or other singular metric based applications. 

What has been the feedback of current students and alumni in general ?. Worth the money we spend on it. Challenging coursework. Easily recognizable brand identity for life. Professors have great courses and have good industry tie ups

What advice will you give to students preparing for GMAT/GRE ?. Take a test before you even start prep. Classify the results by various topics and number of mistakes. Use that as a guide to make a plan to cover the syllabus. Check progress frequently( I wrote bi weekly tests for a 2 month period) . Don’t spend too much time on one question. Atleast in GRE, you can come back and finish the entire thing

What advice do you have for students for interview ? There is no interview for me, but there was an optional video submission. I Strongly recommend submitting it. Focus on the following. Show your passion clearly. Show your reasons for ‘Why Northwestern’, ‘Why AI’ and ‘Why now?’. Enunciate well. No need to change accents. But make sure to be clear in what you speak. They only accept a restricted file size. The quality goes down significantly.. Make sure you practice well before you make the video

What makes you interested I building a career in AI and machine learning ?Passion for mathematics and fascination with computers propelled me to pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence. The possibilities of AI affecting humankind in the best and worst of ways is something we see happening in the world we live in right now. I believe that AI in the coming years would revolutionize the way we communicate the most and would be based on an intersection of NLP and Computer Vision.I want to be in the eye of the AI hurricane. 

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