Review of ISB: Indian School of Business

At MBA Dream We have Best MBA Admissions Consultants who believe that more than GMAT scores, it is a good admission strategy that separates the winners from the rest. Which is why, when you enroll with MBADREAM, you don’t just get the advantage of one admission counselor, you get an entire TEAM of experts that take care of every aspect of your B-school Admissions.
The Road to Victory
There are a lot of B-schools out there. Some that you want and some that desperately want you. Which program is right for you? Don’t worry, we’ll help you shortlist schools through a comprehensive C&C Matrix (Curriculum and Cost).
Experience Success
At MBA DREAM we have a panel of Admission experts ( Best Admission Consultants for Top B School ) who show the way through their OWN experiences. Our experts are MBAs who have been through all the admission hassles that you will face, and therefore can tell you the “insider” tips to acing admissions.
Scripting your Dream
Our essay editors have been handpicked from leading media houses and publications. Master wordsmiths who help you with eye-catching essay content that will get your application all the attention it needs.
B-School and Beyond
“I’ve done my MBA, now what?” Most students from foreign B-schools have this question these days. Let’s face it, if you’re paying a hefty fee for your MBA, you’d better compensate with a hefty salary. But job search these days isn’t so easy. Correction. It’s easy with MBA Dream, because we have experienced alumni who will show you the quickest way to landing a job AFTER your school.
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