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orthwestern University delivers an excellent campus-based, 1-year MBA at the Kellogg School of Management. This noteworthy MBA is the fastest path to a coveted Kellogg MBA. It has been designed to build upon graduate students’ business fundamentals and get them back in the workforce with new knowledge and skills that will propel their careers forward. Over one calendar year (from June to June), on-campus students immerse themselves in a rigorous curriculum, learn from world-class instructors, and build leadership experience through a supportive network that helps them immediately and throughout their careers. This was one of the first one-year MBA degrees in the nation. The business school has seen over 3,500 graduates go on to make indelible marks on business across the globe. Many business school alumni now lead some of the most notable organizations in the world. While most one-year programs condense two years’ worth of curriculum into one, this degree builds on the graduate student’s experience and gives her the option of bypassing core classes.2Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySloan School of Management

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology delivers one of the nation’s best 1-year MBA programs at the Sloan School of Management. This one-year, full-time MBA program attracts an international population of high-functioning, mid-career leaders eager to discover new ways to practice invention and action. Within this intense and immersive twelve-month program, graduate students will study alongside over 100 talented, high-potential business leaders ascending in their careers. Graduate students are encouraged to learn, collaborate, and create with a cohort that spans oceans and industries. Business school leaders are in the business of presenting students with challenging ideas that respect and speak into business school students’ vision and expertise. Graduates of this program are armed with critical tools for their future, including a global network ready to support their first step and every step that follows. Enrolled students enjoy weekly classroom discoveries that deepen their understanding of management. MIT Sloan’s MBA program is a change-the-world toolkit.3Cornell UniversitySC Johnson College of Business

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The SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University offers a one-year MBA. This stellar degree is best characterized as an accelerated MBA that carries with it immediate impact for the professional in business leadership. When enrolled students make a one-year investment in their careers, they’ll see the results instantly. The combination of student leadership opportunities, a STEM-designation path, a flexible curriculum, a tight-knit community, and course options in NYC and Ithaca give on-campus students all the benefits needed fast-track their career trajectory. In just 12 months, enrolled students will be on their way to career advancement with this exemplary Ivy League MBA. Most importantly, graduate students will enjoy the benefits of an on-campus MBA program in Ithaca. Johnson’s STEM-designated, one-year MBA in Ithaca provides a sequenced and flexible curriculum. It includes the option to attend class at Cornell Tech in New York City. Graduate students learn foundational business principles and gain skills related to the industry that works for their career advancement as they choose electives.4Duke UniversityFuqua School of Business

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1-year MBA is featured at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. In less than twelve months, this Accelerated Daytime MBA program builds on graduate students’ prior knowledge to develop into new kinds of leaders. Having already earned their master’s degree in management at Fuqua, qualified applicants will skip the business fundamentals and immerse themselves in the electives and experiential educational opportunities that support their unique goals. Learning alongside a diverse team, enrolled on-campus students develop a new way of working that encourages others’ ability and knowledge, helping everyone become the leaders who can inspire enterprises to do better while doing the best. Graduate students enrolled in this one-year program are encouraged to design their MBA. The program’s unique curriculum enables students to choose from over 100 elective courses. Fuqua School of Business students are encouraged to broaden their expertise across multiple topics or deepen their knowledge within a specific industry function.5New York UniversityLeonard N. Stern School of Business

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The Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University provides an exemplary one-year on-campus MBA. This one-year degree has been established at the Intersection of Technology and Business. The curriculum is designed for graduate students with a passion for technology. This Andre Koo Tech MBA equips on-campus graduate students pursuing careers in the industry with business tools. A specialized format of core and elective courses complement the program’s built-in immersive opportunities. On-campus students can graduate as technology experts with exposure to coursework and experiential learning infused into the 52-credit curriculum. This MBA program combines a lock-step core with convenience and flexibility, so students choose electives and enjoy the duration of courses from May to May. The curriculum features the four major components of the Business Core, the Technology Core. Graduate students also study the fundamental techniques and principles of mining data and examine real-world cases to place data-mining techniques in context.6University of Southern CaliforniaMarshall School of Business

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One of the nation’s best one year MBA degrees is available at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. This twelve-month program at USC’s Campus in Los Angeles allows students to earn a coveted USC Marshall MBA degree. Program architects have designed the MBA for mid-career professionals pursuing global leadership positions. Graduate students will learn in a class size of nearly 60 diverse and globally-focused colleagues. The average age of participants within this one-year program is 34-36. The business school provides a dedicated career development advisor for program participants. Mid-career professionals are equipped with individualized career development plans. Graduate students seeking a global perspective will enjoy the program’s international travel for business networking forums and management consulting projects. Students also receive frequent networking opportunities from senior professionals and alumni within multiple industries. Marshall School of Business students participate in a four-month client commissioned International Business Consulting Project and a ten-day International Experiential Learning Program adventure.7University of WashingtonMichael G. Foster School of Business

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An exemplary one-year MBA is offered at the University of Washington’s Michael G. Foster School of Business. This exemplary one-year MBA is for graduate students possessing strong international experience and an internal drive to make a difference within their organizations. Participants expand their skills and knowledge with organizational leadership skills to figure out complex business issues and grow as future executives. Highlights of this program include a curriculum that is optimized for global participants. The accelerated pace of the degree allows for a one-year completion. Program architects have included engaging ways for on-campus students to learn, including in-class lectures, visits to area companies, case studies, interactive classroom experiences, and executive speakers. Graduate students will appreciate the program’s advanced courses covering numerous topics like global strategy, management, cross-cultural communications, operations, finance, and leadership. Business school leaders have made room for students to participate in a personal MBA that fosters individual attention, champions teamwork, and empowers graduate students to participate in a top-notch MBA experience actively.8Emory UniversityGoizueta Business School

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1-year MBA is currently available at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. The Goizueta One-Year MBA stresses business theory and encourages on-campus graduate students to act on it immediately. Enrolled students will work with real-world clients and colleagues to solve real business issues, study international business, become a leadership expert, and learn from the world’s most advanced business minds. By the end of their on-campus program, enrolled students will be ready to take on whatever the complex business world throws at them. At Goizueta, graduate students get the best of everything. With a five to one student-to-teacher ratio, one-year MBA students get to know their professors and classmates and access all that Atlanta has to offer. One of the business world’s best-kept secrets is that Atlanta is a global business city featuring many Fortune 500 companies. Students in this program work on projects with real business clients, take immersive international experience trips, and experience hands-on leadership training.9University of Notre DameMendoza College of Business

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The Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame offers a 1-year MBA. This MBA is an accelerated degree for professionals already building a career in business. This intense and engaging year at Notre Dame will build upon a graduate student’s education and prepare him to ask more of business and himself. Most graduate students who enroll in this 1-Year MBA enter the program with a business education background and are looking to accelerate their careers already in progress. They will typically bring five or more years of experience and unique perspectives that enrich the classroom experience. Men and women from rich and diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds are welcomed into this program at Notre Dame. Business school leaders understand that pushing pause on a promising business career can be the most strategic move a professional can make. Instructors desire to help students build an ethical foundation for business decision-making while enhancing their long-term prospects. Enrolled students will be part of a close-knit group within the broader MBA community at Notre Dame.10University of FloridaWarrington College of Business

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The University of Florida offers a one-year on-campus MBA at the Warrington College of Business (Hough). This degree’s twelve-month accelerated format is ideal for graduate students from an array of academic backgrounds. Students with focused career goals interested in targeting a competitive graduate business program while minimizing costs will want to look into this degree. The business school features are no business prerequisites required for enrollment. The one-year curriculum is front-loaded with required business courses taught by Warrington College of Business esteemed faculty members. Rigorous and challenging coursework is matched with a supportive staff that will ensure students receive a high-quality education. Graduate students in this program will enjoy proficiency in specialized areas of concentration that will give them an advantage during their MBA career search. One-year students are granted access to all UF MBA resources, including leadership positions, Business Career Services, extracurricular activities, and national career fair opportunities. On-campus students will complete ten of 16 core courses during the summer terms and then meet nine electives’ remaining requirements during the fall and spring modules.11University of PittsburghCollege of Business Administration and Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business

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The College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh provides on-campus MBA students can complete in just one year. Katz leaders give a substantial, wide-based foundation in business leadership fundamentals while empowering graduate students to tailor their programs to build on their unique goals and strengths. This One-Year MBA is designed as a full-time, 11-month program. Students choose from six specializations and can supplement their degree with a Katz certificate in nine highly in-demand functional areas including Finance, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Operations, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, and Strategy. The College of Business Administration offers the most adaptable, future-centered MBA degree ever created. On-campus graduate students develop a highly marketable and focused skill set to compete in tomorrow’s complex business environment. The University of Pittsburgh provides a robust and wide-based education in business fundamentals and empowers students to tailor a program that serves them well.12Southern Methodist UniversityCox School of Business

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The Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University currently features one of the nation’s best 1-year MBA programs. Today, many working professionals are headed for success in their current careers, but they want to get there faster. This full-time, 12-month program is the One-Year MBA at SMU Cox. It has been tailored for early-career professionals looking for a rigorous, personalized advanced degree in an intimate small-class setting. On-campus students learn in small classes from a respected and award-winning faculty who practice “open door” leadership. Enrolled students can connect with MBA students from all over and dynamic business leaders in Dallas’s Fortune 500 companies. This curriculum allows graduate students to gain the skills, confidence, and global alumni connections they need to take their careers to the next level. This One-Year MBA at SMU Cox builds on students’ knowledge and skills, giving them the benefits of a two-year program in half the time.13Arizona State UniversityW.P. Carey School of Business

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The W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University provides a campus-based one year MBA. This Fast-track MBA provides the business essentials graduate students need to create an impact in their current roles and excel throughout their careers. Building on their work experience and a previous graduate degree in a business field, this Fast-track MBA sharpens analytical capabilities, decision-making skills, and unlocks leadership abilities. Working professionals needing an MBA to advance their careers but who also prefer to work while taking classes will appreciate the Fast-track MBA from ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business. This program offers quality and convenience that is a benchmark of the nation’s most innovative university. Fast-track MBA courses are delivered two evenings each week on ASU’s Tempe campus. Online courses are also available. Graduate students can earn their MBA in 12-18 months, depending on their incoming discipline. As a STEM-designated program, the Fast-track MBA allows graduates on student visas qualified access to an Optional Practical Training extension.14University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleHaslam School of Business

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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business, provides a 1-year on-campus MBA. This one-year MBA features a custom fit, tailored curriculum. Graduate students attending courses on-campus can complete the Aerospace & Defense MBA in just one year while continuing to work. Students are sure to acquire a broad base of business knowledge and skills with a deep comprehension of the aerospace and defense industry. Leadership development is one of this program’s highest priorities. Business school leaders are committed to dedicated coaching. Aerospace and Defense MBA students are exposed to leadership training with a dedicated mentor. Every graduate student develops an individual and unique leadership plan with their coach. During the third residence period, graduate students spend several days touring facilities and meeting with executives at a location pivotal to A&D. Haslam College of Business students form lasting bonds with each other, which creates a powerful and distinguished alumni network. Graduates can continue to broaden their professional networks and obtain new perspectives.

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