US MBA interview sample questions

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1.What are your short term and long term goals? Tell me about your professional career experience you have had so far.
2. You have mentioned that you have worked with clients. You have suggested them and helped them to grow business. I want to know in what way you were prepared and interacted with them. What was the process or strategy followed by you?
3. Was there any instance in your career where lot of learning was involved? How did you approach such situations? What was the learning for you? How did you apply the learning?
4. Was there any situation when you found one of your team members not meeting the expectations of you and team? Or that member had a different style of working? How you dealt with such situation?
5. You said that you have worked with many teams on your project. Was there any time when you found conflicts within the team? How did you try to resolve them?
6. What best piece of advice you have received so far?
7. Have you had any cross-cultural experience? Was there any conflict situation? How did you face it?

2) An experience where you went ahead despite fear of being on the wrong side of authority…??

3) An experience where you started well but found out that you were wrong and ultimately what did you learn out of it..??

4)  Why do you think you are ready for an international MBA experience..I mean what as per your profile makes you ready for International standards..??

5) A place where you held back where you should have spoken and ultimately what did you learn..??

6) 3 things you look for in an MBA program before choosing it..??

7) Positive criticism you have received ..?

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