Tepper MBA review by Shilpa Mishra

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Shilpa is a Tepper Alum and works with Alix Partners

How has your over all experience been studying at Tepper MBA ?

 Overall experience at Tepper at Tepper had been enriching with good diversity of people having different skill sets and aspiring for varied career options. Tepper helped me build great analytical skills and dive deeper into technology and finance concentrations. With the skills and education, I was able to make a career switch from Operations to Management Consulting.

please talk about the courses you really likes and the professors you felt are exceptional in their subject?

 Courses that I really liked were – All strategy subjects – Operations, Marketing, Pricing and technology, Finance and Accounting, and Optimization. The Professors for each of these subjects were exceptional who added cases to these subjects to make the academic experience relevant and practical.

what role does the MCC (Master’s Career Center) play at Tepper? MCC helps you prepare for the recruiting process and become involved with you on a one-to-one basis even before the session starts. For 2 years, they will be the biggest support you have apart from your peer group. They help you understand your career options, help you prepare your resume accordingly, work with you on communication for the interview process, and are a constant source of motivation during that stressful networking and recruiting MBA period. 

please share your experience with Tepper alumni and networking in general ?

Even though small, the Tepper network is really strong. Many companies visit the campus as a part of the initiatives taken by the alums. Sometimes, alums are also involved in the hiring process. The alums have at the firns that visit the campus have been extremely helpful. They even set up time with you to help you practice for the interview process once you get the invite.

what advice would you give to prospective students applying to Tepper?

Take full advantage of your peers and seniors at college. They will be the biggest support for you. Leverage their experience to learn how to improve yourself. 

Any advice for international students ?

Analyze your career options in the very beginning based on whether the industry sponsors the internantional students. Have a plan A and plan B and work on these parallely to spread a wider net during recruiting.

What do enjoy the most about your job at AlixPartners ?People at the firm are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. They promote growth, provide full support in any career/project choice you want to make, and never set you up for failure.

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