consulting careers for MBA

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Consulting firms are segmented according to their focus and their size, as illustrated in the matrix from figure 3. Although neither exhaustive nor fully accurate, this matrix representation shows the best known companies in each category and approximate values of size and earnings per consultant (as in 2003).

Most MBA graduates are hired by the so-called Global Strategy firms. The bulk of these firms’ work consists of providing strategic and operational advice to executives in the top companies.

So-called Global Operations/IT firms typically take on larger projects and design, implement and manage their clients’ needs very closely. These consulting projects require larger teams, working closely with the clients. People who give value to the implementation phase and the operational process could prefer this kind of environment.

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Furthermore, there are firms that specialize along industries and/or functional lines. Although often smaller, these firms may have impressive reputations, compete equally with the most well-known firms, and make similar levels of earnings per consultants. They are usually mentioned as consulting boutiques.

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