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Bain & Company is a top-tier consulting firm with 4,800 employees worldwide, working in 44 offices in 29 countries. Bain’s largest region, Europe, recently opened offices in Helsinki, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Kiev and Moscow to better serve their clients. Bain’s business is helping to make companies more valuable. Bain’s clients have historically outperformed the stock market by 4:1. Our people are our strongest asset. Bain is made up of exceptionally talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests. They are passionate about achieving results in all areas of life.

Bain was founded on the principle of “results, not reports.” Since its founding in 1973, Bain has maintained a relentless focus on driving bottom-line impact for their clients. Bain measures their clients’ results and clients choose them for that. Bain works with the world’s leading corporations, private equity firms and nonprofit organizations. Bain is the global market leader in private equity consulting, maintaining powerful partnerships with nearly all the top private equity firms around the world. Bain consultants give back to their communities by serving many local non-profits through their probono work.

At Bain, we have broad and deep expertise across every economic sector and region of the world. We draw on this experience base to help clients produce exceptional results. We bring together perspectives from a wide range of industries, business models and capabilities. Many Bain consultants start as generalists and enjoy the opportunity to explore multiple industries and capabilities. Over time, the consultants build increasing expertise in one sector. Bain experts keep the firm’s name in the news with many published articles, research papers and books. In 2008, Chairman Orit Gadiesh and Hugh MacArthur, leader of the firm’s global private equity practice, co-authored Memo to the CEO: Lessons from Private Equity Any Company Can Use. The book asserts that the most successful private equity masters follow a basic set of disciplines any senior executive can use to achieve successful results in his/her company. Also in 2008, consultants Mark Gottfredson and Steve Shaubert wrote Breakthrough Imperative, which cracks the code on how the best business leaders get outstanding results from their organisations. Decide & Deliver, Bain’s latest book, authored by Marcia Blenko, Michael Mankins and Paul Rogers, offers five practical steps to transform an organization into a decisive, nimble high-performer.

Bain has a tradition of pushing the boundaries of the consulting industry, particularly around results. They are known as the industry’s innovator. Bain’s confidence in delivering results resulted in their pioneering the practice of taking equity in lieu of fees—they prosper only if their clients prosper. Bain started Bain Capital to leverage their results capability and apply it as a principle investor. Bain’s success translated into spinning off Bain Capital and pioneering private equity consulting. Bain’s passion for local office probono work, environmental sustainability engagements and grassroots community service efforts illustrated that a ‘Bain for nonprofits’ could be a powerful lever for change. Today, Bain’s affiliate, Bridgespan, is the largest nonprofit consulting organization with a blue chip list of clients.

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For the eighth year in a row, Consulting Magazine ranked Bain as the #1 ‘Best Firm to Work For’. Bain also finished first in career development, culture, job experience and work/life balance. Bain also took the top spot in Vault Europe’s ‘Best Firm to Work For’ in all three regions – Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. These rankings are based on consultants themselves describing what it is really like to work at their firms. The recognition hints that Bain consultants believe that they are not only best positioned to pursue career development and advancement, but that they like the work they do, the people they work with and the environment they work in.

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