Rice Jones MBA reviews

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What are the 3 key factors that drove you to Rice MBA ?
1) experiential learning in Entrepreneurship – Rice is highly ranked for their entrepreneurship program. Rice alliance, the  umbrella organization for entrepreneurship in th University, organises the world’s biggest student business place competition RBPC ( Rice Business Plan Competition). Also, Rice alliance in partnership with Jones business school has structured an entrepreneurship concentration that has the right mix of experiential and classroom learning from highly qualified personnel from the startup eco-system. 

2) Ideal class size – Rice has recently expanded the class size from 120 to 180. This is the optimal class size I was looking for that can facilitate long lasting bonds with most, if not all, of my classmates. 
3) Scholarship – Rice endowment is pretty big compared to the size of the University and this has enabled me to receive a generous scholarship, which makes my wish to do an MBA from a reputed institution a reality. 

What has been the feedback of current students and alumni in general ?
The current students and the alumni have been quick to respond to any questions that I may have in the process. I also got to know that the school administration is extremely receptive to the students’ feedback and is quick to include any changes to the program required as per the current industry demands. 

What advice will you give to students preparing for GMAT ?
1) Think of it as an exam and prepare accordingly.
This sounds obvious but it’s very easy to lose oneself when studying for something like sentence correction. You don’t need to master the subject. You just need to score well in SC. 
2) Try to master a timing strategy that works well for you in this test. You can’t spend a lot of time on a single question. 
3) It’s very easy to lose focus while studying as there are a lot of resources online. Try to be as focused as you can and cut down the noise. 
4) Stick to the official resources as much as possible and make use of the official practice tests judiciously. Don’t exhaust all the official practice tests before your 1st GMAT attempt. No practice test offered by the test prep company comes close to the real GMAT. 


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