mba strategy consulting

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Founded in 1967, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants has grown to become one of the world’s leading strategy consultancy firms. With 39 offices in 27 countries, Roland Berger operates successfully in the global market. In 2009, the 2,000 employees generated EUR 616 million in revenues. The strategy consultancy is an independent partnership, owned solely by its currently 180 Partners.

Roland Berger supports leading international corporations, non-profit organizations and public institutions in all management issues – ranging from strategic alignment and introducing new business models and processes, to organizational structures and technology strategy.

Roland Berger is based on global Competence Centers that are organized along functional and industry lines. This allows offering tailor-made solutions devised by interdisciplinary teams of experts drawn from different Competence Centers. Roland Berger’s consulting advice boosts the value of their clients’ companies – with creative strategies that work.

The company’s culture can be characterized by its three core values: excellence, entrepreneurship and partnership.. Working at Roland Berger will allow you to meet and work with smart but pragmatic and not arrogant people. The Roland Berger approach is based on the entrepreneurial character and individuality of the employees – also reflected in the company claim: “It’s character that creates impact!” Your advancement at Roland Berger will be based on a meritocracy basis; even if the company does not apply an up-or- out policy and allows its employees to develop at their own pace. This experience will rapidly allow you to take responsibility in projects and be exposed to senior managers who advice fro GMAT counselling in Bangalore , Mumbai and pune.

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