Who Provide comprehensive MBA counselling and Consultants Reviews ?

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Who Provide comprehensive MBA counselling ?

namesWhy MBAdream.in At MBA Dream We have Best MBA Admissions Consultants who believe that more than GMAT scores, it is a good admission strategy that separates the winners from the rest. Which is why, when you enroll with MBADREAM, you don’t just get the advantage of one admission counselor, you get an entire TEAM of experts that take care of every aspect of your B-school Admissions. The Road to Victory There are a lot of B-schools out there. Some that you want and some that desperately want you. Which program is right for you? Don’t worry, we’ll help you shortlist schools through a comprehensive C&C Matrix (Curriculum and Cost). Experience Success At MBA DREAM we have a panel of Admission experts ( Best Admission Consultants for Top B School ) who show the way through their OWN experiences. Our experts are MBAs who have been through all the admission hassles that you will face, and therefore can tell you the “insider” tips to acing admissions. Scripting your Dream Our essay editors have been handpicked from leading media houses and publications. Master wordsmiths who help you with eye-catching essay content that will get your application all the attention it needs. B-School and Beyond “I’ve done my MBA, now what?” Most students from foreign B-schools have this question these days. Let’s face it, if you’re paying a hefty fee for your MBA, you’d better compensate with a hefty salary. But job search these days isn’t so easy. Correction. It’s easy with MBA Dream, because we have experienced alumni who will show you the quickest way to landing a job AFTER your school.

MBA DREAM Reviews and Testimonials

Antra Chowdhary Admitted to UNC KF MBA with Full scholarship Antra Chowdhury -“”When I scored a 760 on GMAT, I was on the top of the world and I was very confident of getting admission into one of the top business schools in the US. However, the more I learnt about the admissions process the less confident I started to feel about my chances of success. That’s when I heard about MBAdreams, which was recommended to me by my college seniors. My experience of working on the applications with Rahul has been phenomenal. The confidence he showed in my profile made me believe that even apart from the score I have a lot to present to the admissions committee that might make them interested in my application. He constantly motivated me and helped me come up with very strong and impressive essays and he made the application process smooth and stress-free. Thanks to the mock interviews with Rahul, I felt extremely confident at the interviews and I was able to put my best foot forward. Today, I have a full tuition fellowship from UNC Kenan Flagler Business School under my belt and it was only made possible by the excellent mentor I found in Rahul.Special thanks to Rahul and MBAdreams (it has been aptly named so) Antra Chowdhary Admitted to UNC KF MBA with Full scholarship —————————————————————————————————————————————– Kartikeya Kaul Admitted to UCLA MBA I came to know about MBA Dreams from a friend. On the very first interaction with Rahul I felt very comfortable and knew that he was the right person to help on my applications. Rahul, and his team worked tirelessly to polish my essays and helped to highlight key areas of my profile. Because of their effort I will be going to UCLA Anderson this fall!!”” Kartikeya Kaul – GRADUATE OF DCE Admitted to UCLA MBA ————————————————————————————————————————————- Angshuman Rudra“”Working with Rahul was easy, he is extremely approachable and constantly motivates. I wanted to look at 1 year programs and I made it to Cornell MBA”” Angshuman Rudra Cornell MBA Class of 2015 —————————————————————————————————————————————– Saaim Khan Saaim Khan – Ross MBA class of 2016 Sirjee (as I love to call Rahul) has been a pillar of support during this strenuous and long journey called the MBA Admission process !!!.. He was a mentor, friend and critic who made sure that all my essays, resume and application material was in its best form.A thorough professional and some ones who genuinely wants you to win. Thanks a lot Sirjee for all the help and it surely wouldn’t have been possible without you”” Saaim Khan – Ross MBA class of 2016 ————————————————————————————————————————————— Mitesh“”My senior from IIT BHU introduced me to Rahul, who guided me through the process of applications. My admits include $ 80,000 scholarship from UNC and $ 80,000 from Georgetown MBA”” Mitesh UNC KF MBA Class of 2016 Admitted with $80,000 scholarship —————————————————————————————————————————————- Shekhar Tripathi NUS MBA Shekhar Tripathi“”NUS was one school on top of my preference list. And getting through has been a dream come true. The MBA Dream team not only knows how to position your profile but is also a constant source of motivation. Rahul holds your hand every step of the way and offers the best guidance. He has shown me the meaning of “never giving up” even when the times are bad and he was involved in continuously improving my profile for b-schools. I am very thankful to Rahul for helping me get through NUS Business School. It was truly a blessing that we met and worked together. Go MBADream!!!”” Shekhar Tripathi NUS MBA ————————————————————————————————————————————— Ajay Raghunandan“”I was referred to Rahul by a friend of mine. After graduating from IIT Roorkee, I worked with a power sector company before I embarked on my MBAdream. Working with Rahul I achieved 100% scholarship from Vanderbilt and 50,000 dollars from UNC KF MBA”” Ajay Raghunandan UNC KF class of 2016 Admitted with $50,000 scholarship ————————————————————————————————————————————- Sonal Singhal Admitted to Emory MBA with $ 60,000 Scholarship Sonal Singhal “”When I started with my international MBA journey, I knew I needed a mentor to guide me to the unknowns and tips and tricks of the trade. I consulted Rahul when I was nearly prepared to for an average MBA institution – but it was with his assistance that I raised the bar for my target schools. Rahul brought with him a complete package – right strategy for MBA, creativity in editing and resourcefulness to connect me to the right people. And the results are much better than I envisioned – 100% interview invitation and huge scholarships from top schools! Each school and each student profile is different – and Rahul’s team strikes the right chord to make your “MBA dream” come true! Truly deserved name to a remarkable group!”” Sonal Singhal Admitted to Emory MBA with $ 60,000 Scholarship —————————————————————————————————————————————– Nidhi Goyal ISB Class of 2015 Nidhi Goyal“”Rahul has been a great mentor not only when it came to writing B-school applications but also during interview preparation phase. He was able to guide me throughout my application process starting from selecting correct combination of B-school, estimating timelines, drawing out plan, reviewing essays, providing timely feedback and making sure that I am happy with the application before submitting it. He was always available whenever I had any queries regarding my applications and provided invaluable feedback from his professional and personal experience. I can proudly say that I owe part of my successful admit in ISB to Rahul. Thanks MBAdream for helping me realize my dream!!”” Nidhi Goyal ISB Class of 2015 ————————————————————————————————————————————— Srinivasan Venkatesh Admitted to Kelley MBA with $ 40,000 in scholarship “”The path to a world class MBA is strewn with multiple obstacles. The GMAT is only the beginning. Like any other applicant with an IT profile, I wondered if I stood any chance at some of the best B-schools in the US. One day while browsing through various posts on GmatClub, I can across “mbadream” and that set into motion a very fruitful working relationship with Rahul. The best part about Rahul is that he exactly understands how your story needs to be positioned for it to stand out amongst the competitive Indian pool of applicants and he exactly knows what the admissions committee is looking for. Every time I needed his help he was just an email or whatsapp message away. Also his focus is just not about helping you secure an admit but also ensuring that you are in with a sizable scholarship. Having received mutiple admits with handsome scholarships, I can confidently vouch for Rahul and his team at MBADream.”” Srinivasan Venkatesh Admitted to Kelley MBA with $ 40,000 in scholarship ————————————————————————————————————————————– Milan ISB-Class of 2015 IIT Roorkee With Rahul, journey from taking GMAT to getting B-school admit has been really smooth. His guidance and experience gave me confidence and courage in my journey of getting an admit to ISB. The profile evaluation, essay reviews and the involvement with the application are what stands out about Rahul. I will be part of ISB-Class of 2015 and this could be possible majorly due to Rahul’s mentor-ship. As I write, I have another 4 interviews lined up for US top B-schools. So, I can happily say that associating myself with the Team at MBADreams worked wonders for me. Thanks Rahul and Team!“” Milan ISB-Class of 2015 IIT Roorkee mba b1 8 MBA Consultant Testimonials Best admission consultants for top B schools b5 MBA Consultant MBA Consultant b 9 Best MBA Consultant Best MBA Consultant Best MBA Admission Consultant Best MBA Admission Consultant Best MBA Admission Consultant Best MBA Admission Consultant Best MBA Admission Consultant 17 Best MBA Admission Consultant Best MBA Admission Consultant Best MBA Admission Consultant Best MBA Admission Consultant

MBA Dream will provide a very Comprehensive MBA counselling and MBA and GMAT Consultation across all the stages of TIER one MBA Admissions , or click here to learn more about the details of the Best MBA Admissions Consulting Services at MBA Dream

MBA admission consultants reviews

MBA Admission Consultants Reviews and Testimonials :-

Rahul has been like a mentor for me ,for the last 4,5 months ,If there is one person you can trust in the world as far as getting great consultancy is concerned it is him.This I can say from first hand experience. Rahul’s biggest plus point is he is like a friend,philosopher and guide .Generally any MBA aspirant is extremely tense when they Start MBA  Application Process.Through Rahul’s help not only will you be able to get control over your nerves,but his guidance will help you progress fast in your application process, since many deadlines almost collide in the months of September and October.Apart from this I would specially like to highlight his essays.He and his editor are some of the best in the world according to me when it comes to editing,that is precisely the reason that ,so many students go to Top tier MBA Admission Consultants programs every year under his guidance.My Notre Dame admit was possible because of Rahul’s help.We had a very short turn around time as I had applied in early decision and I can remember us working together till 12:45 on the submission night.Go with what Rahul tells you Ultimately his guidance and your gut feel will make the difference. Believe what I am saying ,trust me on this and you will come out on top.

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